Recitation (shhhhh, Catechism) Printables

IMG 0314 - Recitation (shhhhh, Catechism) Printables



I have been asked for these a lot, so here they are!  If someone with authority complains, I’ll have to take them down.  They contain all the poems we use for K-4th (there are a few added and removed from the MODG list, sorry!), the catechism questions (some adapted), dates, states and capitals, populations, phonograms, and a blank sheet numbered for weekly spelling words.  I gave you the word doc so that you could make changes if you like.

Poems K-1 in WORD and PDF

1st Grade Catechism as pdf

Memory Work 2GRD-4GRD (including K-1 poems) in Word and PDF

4GRD-5GRD Latin Prayers and Hymn Lyrics in Word

5th grade population data (2014) as pdf

BALTIMORE CATECHISM 2 in Word (5GRD version)

5GRD Poetry in Word in PDF

6GRDpoetry PDF

BCNo.2Q1-149 (6GRD)

7GRD poetry in Word

8GRDPoetry in word 8GRDPoetry pdf

8GRD catechism quizlet printout

VirtuesSins8GRD pdf and VirtuesSins8GRD in word

(I can’t remember where I got the Catechism 2 docs, so if you did the formatting, I’d love to just link you)
How to use:  I print them out double sided, 2 per page, and bind them using my proclick so I can add pages later.  I stick little post-it’s in the sections that they are supposed to review each day.


IMG 0312 - Recitation (shhhhh, Catechism) Printables