map - 3GRD-5GRD
Get Your Bearings
Read the Intros to get the big picture and make curriculum choices. Use the Do-Aheads to guide your prep process.
Gather Supplies
Download these lists. Get shopping (or digging in the attic.) If you want the old school site pdf: 3GRD, 4GRD, 5GRD
shop - 3GRD-5GRD
  • 3GRD: Abeka 3 or Saxon 3 or Teaching Textbooks 4. 
  • 4GRD: Saxon 5/4 or Teaching Textbooks 5.
  • 5GRD: Saxon 6/5 or Teaching Textbooks 6.


abacus - 3GRD-5GRD
WRTR is Purgatory, but it’s worth the trip. AAS vs WRTR .
spell - 3GRD-5GRD

Latin has its own page. Click HERE.

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