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Hello!  I’m Deanna Caswell. My husband Jeff and I homeschool our 5 kids.  We’re eclectic, but we use the MoDG curriculum as our jumping off point.

I have an MA in Counseling, Chemistry Bachelor’s and Math minor (couldn’t ace Imaginary Number Systems, UGH) and I am a passionate advocate for the reality and limits of child brain development.  I’ve written 32 books (6 arrive next year) and have done extensive curriculum writing for multiple companies. I had 16 years experience tutoring physics, chemistry, algebra, geometry, statistics, and calculus…before I started homeschooling. I’ve been doing that for 10 years now.

Jeff is a Learning Design Specialist, has a Masters in Education, Bachelor’s in Psychology, and has consulted for more than 50 private and public schools systems (including charter, juvenile detention, and alternative schools) in 20 states. He taught middle school math in public school for 10 years before that. So, when I talk about schools and standards and what a quality curriculum SHOULD look like, I’m speaking from his unparalleled knowledge and experience, not mine.

Our kids are 5yrs-17yrs. Also, we’ve got a lot of *special* in the house, so if my version of things is too easy for your kid, that may be why. We’re a smattering of ADHD, anxiety, dyslexia, dysgraphia, and auditory processing issues. We also have 3 guinea pigs, hundreds of fish, cherry shrimp, 1 Coton de Tulear, and a crested gecko named Mike Tyson.


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