15-Cent Card Folders

IMG 0119 300x225 - 15-Cent Card Folders

It’s school season, so don’t forget to take advantage of the 15-cent folders at Walmart!  I made tons of folders for all my Montessori cards.  Look how nice and organized they are!

  1.  Use a normal two-pocket, brad-less folders.  Cut it down to a 6×8.

IMG 0115 300x225 - 15-Cent Card Folders

  1.  Put staples in the sides.  Two each.  For this particular folder, I unfolded it and cut off an inch of the pocket before I stapled it.  Sometimes the pockets are too deep for short cards if I don’t.

IMG 0116 300x225 - 15-Cent Card Folders

  1.  To make a four pocket folder, staple the front of one to the back of another.  I put a few staples across the top and down the side, but not the bottom or back.

IMG 0111 300x225 - 15-Cent Card Folders


IMG 0118 300x225 - 15-Cent Card Folders

  1.  To make a folder with a little pocket for labels, take one of the trimmed sections from your waste pile that has a pocket on it, and BEFORE YOU STAPLE ANYTHING, staple the inside of that pocket to the folder pocket. Then, staple the little folder closed.  THEN staple the side of the big folder.  It’s really hard to attach the little pocket if the sides are already done.

IMG 0114 300x225 - 15-Cent Card Folders