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Weekly Checklist fake


This year MoDG is coming out with their own preschool plans.  When my fourth was 3, there were no preschool plans, so I wrote and used the following plans with the Montessori materials we already owned.  I accidentally deleted those resources when I moved around the navigation.  Someone asked about them.  Here you go!

Busy Mom-essori Preschool Plans (3yr old)

Montessoi 3YR OLD Checklists as Spreadsheets

PDF of the spreadsheets


Weekly Checklist Period 1-2 Sequence 2 Lang-Sensorial


Sequence 1-2 Most Work

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1 Molly July 29, 2016

HA! Illusion. I confess this too, when people query “how can you homeschool”, and also point out that I am on my knees often, praying to Our Lady of Perpetual Help, for help!

Understandable that your preschool materials are still in use in your playroom….an advantage to the investment, yes? I do appreciate how your lesson plans incorporate inexpensive solutions. Because goodness yes, Montessori materials are expensive!

I just finished Rita Kramer’s biography of Maria Montessori (because, of course, I must understand the why/context before implementing the how), and it was FASCINATING. Her influence on educational approaches was huge. I wonder if teachers today appreciate how much she contributed? Child-sized desks, learning through play, etc. Astounding. Also interesting how her desire to not have the method diluted stymied efforts to spread the method, and also led to an impression of cultishness about the method (full disclosure – an assumption I had before learning about Montessori’s approach).

One thing that interests me is the inherent tension between the Montessori method and the classical method to education. I can appreciate, dimly/incoherently due to still being a novice about pedagogy, where there is some overlap, but there seems to be some contradiction between the two approaches. Fodder for a future post? 😉


2 admin July 29, 2016

That sounds fun. I was looking for something to think about today.


3 Mrs C May 1, 2016

The is very helpful – thank you. I will be using these.


4 Molly May 1, 2016

Thank you!!


5 admin May 2, 2016

You are welcome!


6 Molly May 20, 2016

So, I am nearly through reading these lesson plans. And while I have multiple questions, I will restrain myself to one. Have you already sold or passed on the supplies listed in the plans? If no – would you be willing to sell? If yes – would mailing be possible? If no – I may have a Plan B that involves my brother who is frequently road-tripping between Brooklyn NY and Dallas TX of late. Thoughts?


7 admin May 20, 2016

I have many of them still. We use them in the playroom. Sorry! Montessori is really expensive. There’s a Montessori at Home book that does a lot of DIY supplies.


8 Molly May 23, 2016

Just saw your reply today. I did wonder if many were still in use at your home. I’ll check that DIY resource. I’m also reading Sofia Cavalletti’s book, The Religious Potential of the Child, and yes, even more expensive if one factors in these materials. We are blessed to have a Level 1 CGS at our parish, so good foundation, although I still hope and pray for Level 2 and 3.

Well, I will look into the DIY, as yes, expense.

Aside – I have several of your books from the library, will definitely be buying Little House in the Suburbs as easily-consultable resource. Guess Who Haiku can barely stay on the “New” shelf at the library. Can you write posts on efficient use of time or surviving with no sleep? I cannot guess your method otherwise!! Many thanks for your resources here…have used gratefully. I may have to continue to start my school year mid-Aug, to finish mid-May (rather than align with Massachusetts school start/finish time), to allow for timely reading of your posts that arrive this time of year!

9 admin May 24, 2016

Aw, thanks! I’m so glad the book is popular. It’s the first one I wrote that my own littles really like. And it only looks like I do a lot. I wrote the haiku book ten years ago; it just didn’t sell until recently. The LHITS book was five years ago. We just gave away our last chicken yesterday(persistent fox issues) and I can’t have a garden anymore because of persistent mini-goat fencing issues. It’s all an ILLUSION. These days, I do homeschooling and some assigned writing gigs on the side. No more space in the brain for outright creativity.


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