Wordly Wise 5 Spalding Key

WW5 - Wordly Wise 5 Spalding Key

If you used WRTR in the earlier grades, the Spalding markings can be used for the rest of the school career.  MoDG has you do it in 8GRD, if you know it.  Here’s our key for it, to the best of my ability.  A few words I couldn’t figure out.

WW5a key

WW5b key

Also, you need to know that in our house, we have two extra rules.

Rule 30: Glued Sounds. Multi-letter phonograms may drop a letter when a similar sound follows.

(“ng” is the most common) Only “ng” says /ng/, but when followed by /k/ or /g/ the “g” melts into glue.

  • “bank” isn’t /b/-/a/-/n/-/k/, it’s /b/-/a/-/ng/-/k/
  • “ban-gle” isn’t /ban/-/gle/, it’s /bang/-/gle/. The “ng” didn’t divide. There’s a genuine “g” sound following it, so the first “g” melted into glue.
  • “ban-quish” isn’t /van/-/kwish, it’s /vang/-/kwish/ “Qu” has s /k/ sound in there so the “g” melted again.

This comes up rarely with other phonograms, but can still be helpful. “Budg-et” in syllables is budge + et, but the first “e” melted.

Rule 31: “A” says its /o/ if preceded by /w/ or followed by “l” (only accented syllables), or if it’s hanging out on the end all alone.

  • squash: /s/ /kw/ /o/ /sh/
  • call: /k/ /o/ /l/
  • ex-tra: /eks/-/tro/ (Even if you accent it, it’s not /a/ or /ay/.
  • talk:  The silent “l” makes the “a” say it’s third sound.