Reading a la MoDG

When I started homeschooling, I’d taught lots of college math and science. I had no idea how people learned to read.  This was compounded by the fact that MoDG lesson plans are written for a VETERAN. So, here’s quick list of what you need to know.

  • Use 100EZ or another phonics-based reading curriculum.
    • Do the activities ~10 min day.
    • Don’t skip days just because the child is “ahead”.
    • Don’t let him work too long unless it’s your last assignment of the day.
    • At some point, reading stops being fun. “Cause I said so” will come. Don’t switch curriculum.
  • When the syllabus says “read an easy reader”, it means TEAM READING.
    • Pick something that the child will know at least ½ the words.
    • For words with advanced phonograms (“sight words”), just tell him what it is and remark that he’ll learn it later. He’ll likely memorize it just from the repetition with you.
    • If you run into new sounds that aren’t out of reach, but not yet taught, tell him what it is, sound out the word, and move on. For example, Bob Books introduce short e in the first few books. 100EZ doesn’t until Lesson 52. Short e isn’t hard. Tell him what it is. Prompt him along.
  • Little kids struggle with the writing component of most reading programs. 
    • As long as you’re doing the handwriting assignments in the syllabus, don’t force this.
    • Substitute sticky notes for the writing portion. We want to practice READING.
    • For “write the letter next to the pictures that start with ___” we often use star stickers.

stickies 1024x925 - Teaching Reading a la MoDG

We use Little Angel Readers, btw. Same idea though with any other program.

Here’s my basic K-2 plan

  • Take your time in KGRD.
  • Get serious in 1st.
  • Continue to Team Read daily that summer.
  • Read alone daily on grade level by the middle of 2nd.