Sound Beginnings 4-Day Conversion

Untitled2 - Sound Beginnings 4-Day Conversion

Sound Beginnings is listed in the syllabus according to the “Days” of the internal scheduling of the book. Since it just says “Day 1, Day 2” and I’m going to have to go look up the actual assignment anyway, it doesn’t foul up anything (so far) for me to follow my own reworked version of the schedule. I evened it out and changed it from a five day to a four day schedule. I have now also included the worksheets on the appropriate days. Some went with the lesson, some with the spelling, and some with the dictation. I have it all done for you.   However, I have NOT included the MODG syllabus assignments for the end of year dictation starting Week 18 from Harp and Laurel Wreath.  My rework adjusts the first 19 weeks.  By converting from 5-day to 4-day, you finish Lesson 25 (Day 76) a full seven days before the syllabus, so for you Week 19 would only have dictation from Harp and Laurel Wreath.  Starting week 20, everything meets up and you can just use the syllabus.  The 4-day or 5-day nature of it isn’t noticeable any more, so there’s no need for a rework for the last 12 weeks of school.

Sound Beginnings Conversion