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george - Poetry Handwriting Sheets

 I will add to this as the year progresses, but for now, here are the first 12 weeks of handwriting for my 4th and 5th graders.  Each week, after doing math, they do handwriting practice based on memory work. We do it in third grade too, but I don’t have one of those this year.

  • Monday, trace the verse twice.
  • Tuesday, she copies it in between each line
  • Wednesday, she copies it whole
  • Thursday, she makes a final copy her poetry notebook.

This system has several advantages.  It’s a quick way to keep her cursive skills sharp, it aids her memory work, and it mean that she doesn’t have to copy the WHOLE poem at the end.

Here they are in PDF.  You have two options for the END OF THE WEEK final draft.  If you print off the document AS IS, then the last 2-4 pages are for the final draft and there is only room for illustration on the first stanza page.  But, if your child is like my middle child, then she want’s to illustrate EVERY WEEK.  In that case, print off multiple copies of the page that’s blank on top, lined on bottom.

America for Me
Christmas Everywhere (landscape)
George Washington
Sea Fever
Paul Revere first three***
Christmas Everywhere portrait
PAUL REVERE WHOLE THING (weird margins, had a lefty)

Spring Cursive

***Paul Revere is in LONG sections each week in the syllabus.  So, they would have one trace page, two or more line-under-line pages, and then the final copy.  I will break the last two parts over three days, somehow.  GERSH, those sections are long.

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