Get a Jump on Next Year–Supply Lists!

IMG 0744 - Get a Jump on Next Year--Supply Lists!

Am I the only one that goes crazy every year making copies and hunting down books and keys and “back of the syllabus” resources scattered all over the house?  Unlikely.  So I made supply lists!  Not just the books, but every dang map, homemade key, printed religion question list, “History assignment overview” I forget to read…everything.

IMG 0743 - Get a Jump on Next Year--Supply Lists!

I find that the easiest way to get ready for next year is to do as much as I can at the end of this year.  I have this attic system with office depot boxes; on the left you see my kindergarten box, followed by 5GRD, 7GRD, and 8GRD.  As I’m packing away this year, I’m using these lists to track what I have and what I’m missing. Nothing gets checked off until it’s in the box!  That way when I pull it down in August, I can say, “I still need to copy the Latin tests and print the BCII questions for this year.”  Or, “I never did find that 8/7 test key, did I?” OR whatever.

You can find these on the “Welcome to ___GRD” links in the sidebar if you lose track of this post.   I haven’t made ones for the other grades yet, but here are the ones I have. The rest will appear on those pages as I make them. Oh, and they’re HYPERLINKED to my printables and websites you need.  YAY!

KGRD Supply List -pdf in KGRD Supply List excel

1GRD Supply List pdf  1GRD Supply List  excel

2GRD Supply List pdf  2GRD Supply List excel

3GRD Supply List pdf and in  excel

4GRD Supply List PDF in 4GRD Supply List excel

5GRD Supply List – pdf    5GRD Supply List excel

6GRD Supply List – pdf  6GRD Supply List excel

 7GRD Supply List – pdf   7GRD Supply List excel

8GRD Supply List pdf   8GRD Supply List excel

In other news, I’ve added a lot of resources to the “Welcome to ___GRD” pages over there.  I have the 8GRD catechism, poetry, virtue/vice lists, UGTG outline maps; KGRD hymn lyrics; Latin noun stem charts, verb charts…lots of stuff. Go see!