Adding Machine Tape Cosmic Timeline

IMG 1120 - Adding Machine Tape Cosmic Timeline

Wow, this was a big project!  I wonder how the Mormon Church would feel about us studying a 4.5 billion year old earth in their parking lot.  Hmmm…  Anyhoodle, It was almost a hundred feet long.  I have made a measurement list for you in case you want your own huge timeline.  The pic below is NOT the complete list.  For that  click on this: cosmic timeline

But below, you see part of my weirdo spreadsheet.  I’ll tell you how it works…put the roll of paper on your left.  Below you see that I have “begin cenozoic” at 65.5 mya.  Ignore that.  Next column tells you how many inches from the beginning to make your mark on the adding machine tape.  ~16 inches.  Next column tells you how far this mark is from the last one.  Notice it’s zero since this is the first one.  I have the INCH FROM LAST POINT in three columns for you convenience.  Inches, feet, and feet plus inches.



timeline - Adding Machine Tape Cosmic Timeline

  1.  So, ~16 inches from the end (with the roll on your LEFT), write “Begin Cenozoic” or “End Cretaceous” or both.
    photo 8 300x224 - Adding Machine Tape Cosmic Timeline
  2.  Slide the paper ~16 inches to the right.   (See “inch from last point” column) and write “flowers”.
  3. As you continue, you will need to roll up the finished tape on your right.
    photo 5 300x224 - Adding Machine Tape Cosmic Timeline
  4.  Wait for a warm day, roll it across the parking lot.  My kids really enjoyed putting moss on the “moss appears” marker and flowers on the “flowers appear” marker and pine cones on the “conifer” marker.

  5. If you have an indoor gym or area where you can do this without tind, I suggest letting the kids put these images HERE on the right spot as you walk the timeline.