File 002 - 1GRD Mass Book

Behold the mysterious 1st Grade Mass Book!  I get asked about these a lot! Here is how I did it:

Print the coloring pages and paper doll 4 per page.

File 001 - 1GRD Mass Book
File 000 - 1GRD Mass Book
File 003 - 1GRD Mass Book

The printable is mostly just the responses so she can “read” along.  We put them on the left side and something to do or look at on the right.  Once you hit the homily, skip a few pages and do a whole spread of the creed. Then go back to the left side words, right side fun/pretty stuff.

  • She does a title page.
  • Spread 1: Intro rite, kids’ stuff
  • Spread 2: Gloria, kids’ stuff
  • Spread 3: Liturgy of the Word, kids’ stuff
  • Spread 4: Fun stuff (homily is loooong)
  • Spread 5: Creed (2 page)
  • Spread 6: Liturgy of the Eucharist, kids’ stuff
  • Spread 7: Acclamation, kids’ stuff
  • Spread 8: Lord’s Prayer, kids’ stuff
  • Spread 9: Breaking of the Bread, kids’ stuff
  • Spread 10: Fun stuff (communion is loooong)
  • Spread 11: Concluding Rites.

Once you’ve mostly filled it up, let the child add all the stickers. I had to help her NOT cover the words, but other than that, there were no rules.