Freebie: Burgess Bird and Animal Book Images

The pics are a combination of Dover images (I can only use 10 from any coloring book without violating their rules) and pics from Clip Art ETC.

I set them up as picture files instead of pdfs because my kids actually prefer I print them as “smallies” (four to a page).  And SORRY I couldn’t get them into one file.  The Dover pictures were huge and WordPress only allows a certain size for upload.  If I shrank them too much, they might not have printed out well as full-page images.


ch 1-9   ch 10-14   ch 15-19   ch 20   ch 21   ch 22   ch 23-25   ch 26   ch 27   ch 28   ch 29-30   ch 31   ch 32-33   ch 34   ch 35   ch 36   ch 37-40

Everything you need should be there except I couldn’t find a free Brown Bear, so go get this one for ch 33.  And, I started drowning in mammals after a while, so don’t be surprised if you’re missing one when there’s four in a chapter.  YIKES.  Let me know if anything glaring is missing, or if you have a free image in your pocket for one I’ve missed!




  • The species that are missing entirely: least flycatcher ch 6, hermit thrush ch31, parula ch 26, red-tailed hawk ch 18
  • For the Loggerhead shrike in ch 35, it *could* be a gray shrike.  Loggerhead has a smaller bill, so I picked all the little bills out of the gray shrike images
  • Eastern screech owl ch42 is just a not-decent picture.

Since I was limited to the Dover images I could use, not all the images I have are as “colorable” as those.  However, I found that has some images that I prefer to the ETC images I had to use once my Dover quota was up.  I’m sure she prefers I send the traffic there, rather than putting her images in my folders.  I included the chapter numbers so you’d know which folder to toss these into:
Page 1:  CH5 bluebird, CH12 oriole, CH30 mockingbird, CH37 chickadee, CH38 loon
Page 2:  CH6 phoebe, CH35 hummingbird
Page 3:  CH3 white-throated sparrow, CH15 tree swallow, CH39 nuthatch
Page 4:  CH22 kestrel, CH42 screech owl
Page 5: CH7 kingbird, CH9 sandpiper, CH13 bobolink, CH17 blue jay

CH31 thrushes found on p3,p5
CH33 finches found on p2,p3


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