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Hello!  I’m Deanna Caswell. The quick facts you need are that we are a Catholic homeschooling family of seven. We’re enrolled in Mother of Divine Grace for homeschool. However, given the super-flexible nature of MoDG, “eclectic” is a better description of my actual teaching. I will try to make a distinction between the syllabi suggestions and my personal implementation when possible.

My kids are 3yrs-15yrs. Also, we’ve got a lot of *special* in the house, so if my version of things is too easy for your kid, that may be why. We’re ADHD, anxiety, dyslexia, dysgraphia.  I’ve written 22 books (12 arrive next year). I also did extensive controlled-text writing for Lexercise.

I have an MA in Counseling, and am a passionate advocate for the reality and limits of child brain development. Educational theories and curricula have run roughshod over kids’ brain development for decades. This is the hill I will die on.

Also relevant, my husband has consulted for more than 50 private and public schools systems (including charter, juvenile detention, and alternative schools) in 20 states. He taught 7GRD math in public school for 10 years before that. So, when I talk about schools and standards, I’m speaking from his unparalleled knowledge and experience, not mine.

There is a smattering of all kinds of homeschool stuff on this site and as a “scientist” type personality, I am constantly analyzing and streamlining my resources.  Please let me know if you need anything.


P.S. LSITS and MoDG do not endorse each other, but when I mention them, I will try my best to keep it in line with their aims, resources, and principles as I understand them.

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