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Hello!  I’m Deanna Caswell. The quick facts you need are that we are a Catholic homeschooling family of six, enrolled in Mother of Divine Grace for four years.  I’m a convert since 2002 from the Church of Christ.  I’m a Lay Carmelite with the Memphis Lay Carmelite Community.  I am an “scientist” type personality, so I have RE-trial-and-errored the curriculum through 5th grade and ended right back with the original resources with minor adaptations and updates to fit my kids.

This site is not endorsed specifically by MoDG, but we’ll try to keep to the aims, resources, and principles as we understand them.  No promises that we’ve mastered the whole philosophy, but we’ll try really, really hard.  On a regular basis, I have to go back into the archives and delete something dumb I said, before I understood things better.  I’ll try to remember to post updates about that too.

I am constantly experimenting still, but I try to keep to The Plan these days.  So, this site is specifically geared to that end.  Anyone who wants to do MODG more efficiently or learn more about the resources…this is a safe place now, hopefully.  HA!  Wasn’t always true.  But, I’m pretty sure, my version of “going by the book” is still wacky enough to raise eyebrows at times, so I’ll try to note it clearly when I’m monkeying around.

Thinks you need to know:

  • The fastest way to get what you need for the year is to click the grade links at the top and that will direct you to everything I have for that grade.  
  • Also, since there is no pre-school curriculum, I incorporated a bunch of Montessori stuff.  If you stumble on to it, that’s what it is.  I try to keep it in the Extras area.  
  • Also, in the Special Helps section you will see lots of experimenting.  My kids each have a bit of *special* going on, and as a Therapist in a previous life, I am constantly trying to address that.
  • I have a more complete bio on my other site, Little House in the Suburbs.
  • Contact me HERE


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