Latin Hack 3: Prepositions

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Prepositions.  We just memorize the Ablative ones.  The rest are accusative.

Here’s the memory device: In Grammy’s downstairs closet is a body builder in a speedo.  We see his ABS. He’s going to demonstrate the ablative prepositions.

  • He’s IN the closet
  • Then he’s OUT OF the closet.
  • Then he’s BY the chair that sits outside the closet.
  • Then he’s ON the chair arm.
  • Then, IN the chair set.
  • Then, he’s DOWN, he fell DOWN FROM the chair into the floor.
  • And the dog comes to be WITH him.

So when my kids go to translate

  • We name all the vocabulary words in the sentence.
  • We decide whether they’re -ere, -ire, or -is chart words, or none (like prepositions)
  • If it’s an -is word, we “Check for sexism. Check the last letter. Then check the bathrooms and i-stems.
  • If there’s a preposition, we check the body builder.


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