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A while back I wrote “Teaching Cards” for WRTR.  I realized later that most people don’t live in their laminator like I do.  So here’s a pdf version that’s printable like a book.  The rules are in order.  Whenever you need to “teach rule ___”  just grab this doc and find your spot.  It’s also helpful for all the times that the Spalding script for rule pages says, “Give opportunity for more practice.”

WRTR Mini Lessons

Also exciting, I found “workbooks” for Spalding handwriting online.  A lovely Occupational Therapist converted another free curriculum to fit WRTR.  Even if you don’t use the pages exactly, it gives you a pattern for doing up your own.  The Spalding lesson plans review handwriting at the beginning of every year.  That’s helpful since the MoDG lesson plans don’t include handwriting after 2GRD.

The only changes that need to be made for manuscript are the Y’s and lowercase Q.  Otherwise, it’s completely faithful to the Spalding writing.

Spalding manuscript workbook 

The cursive workbook needs a little adjustment to be totally faithful to Spalding cursive.  The clock letters all have the connector up front and some of the letters are in a different category from the Spalding version.  For example, Spalding has “short upswing” and “big upswing” letters.  This workbook puts “loops” in their own category, but again, it’s an easy fix.  Also the formation for the capital letter Q is different.   

Spalding cursive workbook

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1 Emy July 7, 2016

This is fantastic! Thank you for making my life easier — well, at least with WRTR. 😉


2 admin July 7, 2016

U R Welcome!


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