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Last post was really detailed in a CONFUSING way.  So, I’ll tell you how I marked up my catechism.

No. 1, Part I:  Creed

In Catechism No. 1, I have circled every question #1-83.  These will be seen over and over and over 2GRD-6GRD.  However, some of them have ‘new phrases’ added in Catechism No. 2.  I put a little triangle beside those.  They are going to CHANGE someday.  Here they are so you can mark them.  Only 25/83 change when you graduate to No. 2. Ain’t that nice?:

2, 8, 9, 17, 19, 25, 28, 29, 36-38, 46-47, 51-52, 54, 61-62, 65, 68, 70-71, 75, 79, 83

No. 1, Part II:  Commandments

From Catechism No. 1, only three of the 54 questions come back around in No. 2 (unless you see them in 8GRD?) and they are identical to No. 1.  Just circle them; no “change” marks necessary.  We still learn all 54, because they are reviewed all next year.  That’s plenty of time for them to stick, but these are the ones that come back for a third round:

84-85, 87

No. 1, Part III:  Sacraments and Prayer

In Catechism No. 1, I have circled the following, since they will be coming back in No. 2:

138-146, 160-162, 170-83

The ones that change once you graduate to No. 2 and need a little triangle mark as well are the following:

141-146, 161-162, 170-172, 174, 182-183

Having this info really helps me set priorities in 4GRD.  The content is not coming around again before 8GRD, so I want to put a lot into the discussions this year and make sure we get through all of the chapters.  But, I might just quit adding on new questions for memory work after 183.  No way my kids will remember them.  Those chapters get 6 weeks or less and then disappear into the ether until at least 8GRD.  It’s wasted energy for us, unless everything else is COLD, which it never is.
Now, shall we do the reverse for Catechism No. 2?  Let’s do.

No. 2, Part I:  Creed

In Catechism No. 2, during 5GRD-6GRD, we learn all of the questions #1-149.  Many of them are IDENTICAL to what you learned in No. 1.  I put little check marks on the following questions to remind me that they aren’t new AT ALL:

1, 3-7, 13, 15-16, 18, 20, 24-25, 29, 36, 39-40, 42, 44,

58, 65-66, 77-79, 82-83, 89, 95, 98,

101, 105, 110, 112-113, 117, 119, 121, 124-125, 138, 145, 147,

152-153, 155, 166, 170-171, 176, 180-181, 183

No. 2, Part II:  Commandments

In Catechism No. 2, as far as 7GRD, only three questions come back around. They all get check marks:

188-189, 195

No. 2, Part III:  Sacraments and Prayer

In Catechism No. 2, as far as 7GRD, only 25 came back around. Circle them:

304-305, 307-12, 314, 357, 360, 362, 379, 384-388, 396-401, 404-405

The ones that are identical once you graduate to No. 2 and need a little check mark are the following:

304-305, 307, 318-319, 357, 386, 388, 396-401

I have ALL of the identical questions marked in No. 2, but since I have no idea what happens in 8GRD, I won’t bore you with it.  If someone will let me in on the 8GRD material, I will put the marking instructions up here and add them to the scope and sequence.

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