Timeline Figures for Ancient Egypt

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Download the images you want and print them all at the same time on the “contact paper” setting on your printer, or whichever one has the 32 images per page on your printer…if you want them to be the same size as my other ones.  OR, just download this:

Egypt timeline figures

(has a couple of extra images if you want a sphinx instead of a double crown or just the double crown image without the two example crowns, etc.)   If you want them bigger, download all images to a folder and print on whatever you like.

Unlike my other cut and paste timeline work, the dates for this timeline come from a proprietary resource document available from MODG.  And since the dates are up to interpretation, I figure that our version reflects some level of intellectual work on the part of the school.  Therefore, these images and notes will only make sense if you have that document in your hand.  Look in the back of the 6GRD syllabus or in your resource pages in the online syllabus.

Several of the time periods in the school doc didn’t have a FACE for me to find online, so I grabbed names for you where I could.

1. Menes united upper and lower egypt.  Note the double crown.i100

2.  Pepi II, 6th dynasty, last decent pharoah before the Intermediate period of chaos sets in.

pepi ii

3. Abram leaves Ur.

4. Mentuhotep II, 11th dynasty, first decent pharoah, start of Middle Kingdom, started new building phase




6. Hyksos invade with chariots; Egyptians never seen the before. Defeated.


7. Hittites


8.  thutmose I


9. Hatsheput


10.  Thutmose III


11. Moses


12. Amenhotep IV


13. King Tut


14.  Ramses I


15. Seti I


16. Ramses II


17. Alexander great


18. ptolemy


19. Cleopatra


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