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Lesson 1
Discovery of Baby Moses by Paul Delaroche

Lesson 9
ILL Lesson 9

Lesson 61
ILL Lesson 61

Lesson 79
ILL Lesson 79

Missing 83

No artist mentioned in book. Couldn’t find, but here’s something similar…
not 83

Missing 98

Same problem here. No artist. Here’s something similar.
not 98

Lesson 111
ILL Lesson 111

Lesson 117
ILL Lesson 117

Lesson 126
ILL Lesson 126

Lesson 137
ILL Lesson 137

Missing 152

Same artist, same title. Can’t find the one with the chickens.
not 152

Missing 162

Same artist, similar title. Can’t find the water jug lady.

not 162

Lesson 176
Return of the Mayflower by Geo. H. Boughton Plymouth

ILL Lesson 176B

ILL Lesson 176C

Lesson 188
ILL Lesson 188

Lesson 202
ILL Lesson 202

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