A Peek Inside the Music Picture Books

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The first couple of times I taught 1st Grade, these books were out of my price range and unavailable from the library.  However, this is third round, my mom sent them to me as a surprise!

The picture books by Celenza, as you can see below, have enough words to stretch them over a day or two.  Also, for her books, the CD is not integrated into the book.  You read the book and later listen to the CD, which is all music.



The below two books are more like those “read along” books from when we were kids.  Especially, Peter and the Wolf.  The CD is very much integrated into the book.  The Carnival of the Animals alternates a page to read, a track of music to play.  Each of the recommended books are use a couple of times in the year.  And, if you have older children, they enjoy it too.  Ifyou can’t afford them outright, see if your library has some, or at least something LIKE them.


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