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Prima Latina is our 4th grade Latin program.  It’s a step up from the Latin root memorization from last year, but it’s still basically memorization.  My auditory son did fantastic using the CD’s every day, but my daughter prefers to do it all in writing.  She listens to the lesson on Monday and does the workbook in lessons with me the rest of the week.  Each lesson is two page spreads, and is basically written memory work: facts about Latin, words, phrases.


The work is generally short and sweet, taking only a few mintues a day.  My children especially like the “repeat the vocabulary and definition 5 times” exercises.  It’s a rhythm game to them.



The teacher’s edition comes with the packet, but I haven’t needed it very much.  However, for next year, it’s a necessity.

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1 Jamie c October 27, 2013

It’s Jamie again. I know so many questions. We only got through half of he root words last year so are still working on those. I have LC1 which the syllabus said I can use instead of prima but just in memorization. Do you think it’s neccesary to complete all root words or will they see those again. I kinda wanna get started on LC1 but don’t wanna jump if they will suffer. Opinion?


2 admin October 28, 2013

You don’t need the roots all memorized to do PL or LC1. The roots cards are a separate program and LC1 doesn’t rely on the child knowing them.


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