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I have posted these cards before, but not with the date labels.

To use this work:

  1. Download images by clicking on them.
  2. Print them all on card stock and laminate.
  3. Cut pictures apart from each other, leaving the event name attached.
  4. Cut apart all of the dates.
  5. In sharpie, write the correct date on the back of the picture cards, and the correct even on the back of the date label.
  6. Have child match correct date to correct picture and turn over the picture to check his work.
  7. Conversely, have child turn both set of cards to the back and match the date and name that way, turning over the picture card again to check his work.
(*The reference at the bottom of each page is not for the images.  It is where I got the frames.)




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1 Sharon September 22, 2012

We’re just getting started with our 3rd history date, and these look much more enticing than the index cards I presented my son with.
This will be great for both of us! Thanks.


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