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I can’t tell you HOW LONG it took me to find all the spots on the maps for Minn!  Let me give you the short hand version: 1) She spends a LONG time in Minnesota and Wisconsin.  2) She blasts through the rest of the country in the same amount of time.

Minn of the Mississippi Image Collection

CH 1-6CH 7-12CH 13-17CH 18-20, JUST THE MAPS



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1 Nikki August 7, 2017

Thank you! These printables are going to make my daughters day!!


2 admin August 12, 2017



3 GBS August 3, 2017

Thank you so much!!!! You are so kind to share these resources!


4 suzi August 3, 2017

This is WONDERFUL…amazing! Thanks so much for pulling it togehter and SHARING. We’re in Paddle-to-the-Sea, now…and I’m spending a good bit of time pulling in the research topics. This is amazing. Thanks, again!


5 admin August 4, 2017

You’re welcome!


6 Channa April 8, 2016

Thank you so much! We are about to start Minn and this is going to be wonderful! I could kiss you right now!! Outstanding job and way better than I could do for sure.


7 admin April 8, 2016

You are welcome! Glad to help.


8 MrsT January 12, 2016

Oh my! What an incredibly helpful, generous resource!! That you for your hard work, and sharing it! This makes Minn so much more enjoyable (rather than something I dreaded every week).


9 admin January 15, 2016

AWWWW, I’m so glad you like it!


10 Kim October 8, 2015

Thank you so much for all your hard work putting all of this together. I just stumbled on to your site and I am ever so happy.


11 Sherry September 3, 2015

I just found your great collection of maps but it won’t let me pull them up. I didn’t know if the links no longer worked. Thanks for all your hard work on this!


12 admin September 3, 2015

They download as a zip file, not open as a link. Did you check the download files on your computer?


13 Heidi St. John January 15, 2015

Thanks for posting these! I’ve shared them on FB at The Busy Mom! Blessings :)


14 K April 25, 2014

Thank you so much for posting these! I was getting so discouraged trying to match up the sidebar drawings in the book with my Beautiful Feet map!!! I like BF products, but these maps (for the Holling books) don’t seem to be as detailed as they need to be for us to really use them along with the books.
Thanks again!


15 admin April 29, 2014

I had the same problem. I’m thrilled they are helpful.


16 Laure January 5, 2013

Thanks for this. For the life of me, I couldn’t figure out they arranged these little dots on the map because it doesn’t seem to show a very accurate positioning or shape of Lake Itasca at all.


17 admin January 10, 2013

you are welcome!


18 Jeanine August 22, 2012

Oh my goodness!! Thank you so much! This rocks!! You did an amazing job….thank you so much for sharing


19 admin August 22, 2012

Hurray! You are welcome!


20 Kay July 20, 2012

I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to have found this post. I just sat down to try to compile all the links, maps, and accessories I would need for the first few chapters of Minn, and here it all is! Thank you so much for putting this all together in one place. I am so grateful to you for all your hard work, that I now don’t have to do on my own. Awesome!


21 admin July 21, 2012

HURRAY! Tell everyone else who wants them. I am so pleased to be helpful.


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