A Peek Inside: Child’s Bible History–Knecht

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I love this little book.

It’s got super short stories.

It’s not kiddie language.  Sometimes it’s not even grown-up language.  It’s OLD language.  The story about about Joseph and the Pharaoh’s dream said “kine” instead of “cow.”  Wow.  Makes me remember all that King James verse memorization I did as a child.  He reads it out loud to me so I can help him with the wack words.  Thus speaketh…

At the end of the week, we retell, copy, and illustrate at least one story.  The only alteration I might make to the Mother of Divine Grace 3rd Grade syllabus is that you only get through story 18 and there’s WAY more than that.  We started reading a lot more often than it recommends so that we could finish it.  They’re so short, why not?  Oooh, and That Resource Site has some great sequencing cards and notebooking pages that go with the stories in this book!

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1 admin April 24, 2012

No notation. It’s WACKY. Luckily, the stories are really familiar. That’s the only reason I knew KINE. I can’t imagine having the child read it. MODG doesn’t really hammer bible stories until fourth grade and you really need to know the stories cold when you hit a word like that. I have to admit, my 25 years in evangelical bible school is what’s getting me through that old language.


2 Sharon April 24, 2012

I didn’t realize this book was that small! I imagined it much larger. It looks great.
I’m hoping there’s notation to clarify what they mean from the Old Language to modern…I admit, I would not have known “kine” meant “cow”!


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