A Peek Inside “New Catholic Picture Bible”

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Materamabilis.org, a Catholic Charlotte Mason curriculum, recommended this book for first and second grade.  I LOVE it.  Since we don’t have “BIBLE” class in Mother of Divine Grace for those grades, this is part of my read-aloud schedule for them.   We do 1-2 stories a week for the Old Testament (1st grade) and 2-3 stories a week for New Testament (2nd grade).  Each story, we do a quick oral narration, but at least once a week, we illustrate and do a written narration.

The stories are light handed on the violence and only one page long.  It’s perfect for us.  There are a couple of stories here and there that we skip for being too graphic. ( I think Johns head is RIGHT ON  THE PLATTER in that story.)

We also use some sequencing cards to remember how far we’ve come, but these crap out on your around Joseph.  They pick up again, though, with the annunciation and go all the way through the NT.

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