1GRD: Out of Print Substitutions


I have a couple of littles that will be coming up behind my bigs, and so I’ve looked over the lists again to see what we have and what’s in and out of print.

On the main booklist:

Everything is still in print.  YAY!

On the Saints’ Feast Days:

  • My Guardian Angel Prayer Book by Hoagland is hard to find, but it’s mentioned in several assignments.  I have only seen it HERE.
  • The Good Man of Assisi by Joslin.  Out of Print, but there are MANY substitutions.  See the cover above and inside below.


  • Father Phillip Tells and Ghost Story by Lademan and Brindle.  Out of Print.  No substitutions.
  • The Real Santa Claus by Mayer is only available on Kindle.   We like *real books* for this kind of thing.  We use the Steigmeyer book from another grade.


  • The Lady of Guadalupe by Tomie De Paola is only available on Kindle.  We use Our Lady of Guadalupe
  • St Anthony of Padua by Roth is so far OP I can’t even find what it looked like.  No substitutions unless you want to read the Lovasik version, but it doesn’t read like a storybook.
  • The Holy Twins by Tomie  de Paola is OP.  SO SAD.  It’s one of our favorites.  You can find it at most libraries, though.  No substitutions.

On the Liturgical List:


  • Brother Joseph: The Painter of Icons AND Brother Bartholomew and the Apple Grove.  Both way out of print.  These are “any time of year” type picture books.  Comparable substitutes might be the Ink Garden of Brother Theophane and The Monk Who Grew in Prayer.  But, right now I don’t own either of them, so I can’t tell you for sure.

On the Read Aloud List:

  • The Tales of Olga de Polga by Bond.  I have never read it and have no substitutions.
  • The Pink Motel by Brink. I have never read it and have no substitutions.
  • Both Milly-Molly-Mandy titles are OP, but there is a treasury that is in print HERE.
  • Squanto, Friend of the Pilgrims is OP!  Easily found at libraries.  No substitutions.  I’m traumatized.
  • Copper Toed Boots is OP. I have never read it and have no substitutions.
  • Seaside and Wayside science readers can be found from expensive print-on-demand companies, but I can’t see inside them.

On the Easy Reader List:

  • Whales and Snails and Heavenly Tales.  I have never read it and have no substitutions. Maybe TAN will bring it back too.
  • Cowboy Sam is still out of print. I have never read it and have no substitutions.
  • Papa Small is OP, but the rest of the Small Series is in.