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As I’ve said in my About Page, I am passionate about the realities of child development. I’ll explain this stage here once I get my junk in a pile.

Language Arts

Will add in a bit. At this age, we’re skill-building. The basic groundwork is laid, hopefully. For cursive practice at this age I’ve used Handwriting Without Tears and homemade pages using the StartWrite program.

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During these years, we continue Bible stories using Schuster. Kids usually continue to listen in on the liturgical year material from K-2..

I’ve used Abeka, Math Mammoth, Time 4 Learning, Saxon, and Teaching Textbooks.

I’ve supplemented with Calculadder, Reflex Math, Math-It, Memory Joggers, Right Brain Math, Education Memory Aids, and Montessori.

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Literature & Poetry

At this age, 


Spelling never came easy to anyone except my first. We’ve used SpellWell, Writing Road to Reading, All About Spelling, Vocabulary Spelling City, and .

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Change Picture. Living Books, C&C, MoDG.


We *kinda* follow the MoDG plans here, but they’re not metered out like mine.
I’ll post my versions soon.
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This is mostly absorbed into Recitation time, but we do the MoDG plans for USA mapping in 4GRD. I’ll add more in a bit.

Latin has its own page. Click HERE.

Art & Music

MoDG, McIntyre, Draw Squad, Kistler’s Drawing Site, You Can Draw in 30 Days, Child-Sized Masterpieces, That Charlotte Mason site I can’t remember, Music Masters, SQUILT, and that other site with the Haydn book I liked.

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