5GRD Catechism Cheat Sheet

14558713128 5ca8bc5cc3 z1 - 5GRD Catechism Cheat Sheet

This year (5GRD), the BC No. 2 chapters hop around in the lesson plans.  (See this post, if you’re lost on what I’m talking about.) Also, they don’t arrive on a consistent weekly pattern.  They come week after week, then NOTHING, and then it picks back up.  Also, right now (June 2015) the verbal cues for discussing new material versus reviewing pre-discussed questions have a lot of overlap.

If I were you, I would find a way to highlight these weeks in my Mama Notes so that I could tell at a glance if this was a “new material” day or a “memory practice” day.  Mark the following Week X, Day 2’s as NEW MATERIAL days:

Weeks 1-5, 9-11, 16-17, 19-20, 23-25, 28, 30

Everything else you see for BC this year is a memory practice session.