2GRD: Out of Print Substitutions

IMG 0829 - 2GRD: Out of Print Substitutions

I have a couple of littles that will be coming up behind my bigs, and so I’ve looked over the lists again to see what we have and what’s in and out of print.

On the main booklist:

  • Squanto Friend of the Pilgrims.  SURELY, Sonlight’s Publishing company will pick it up like they’ve done for the rest of Bulla’s books.  (They did.)
  • Seasons and Living Things is OP, except from Emmanuel Books.  It’s a download!
  • Klutz Tissue Paper Flowers can be replaced with the one from Alex Toys.
  • Discover Crochet is the kits by Harrisburg Designs. Not OP, just under a different name at Emmanuel and Amazon.
  • First Book of the Recorder is OP, even thought the current enrollment booklet says otherwise.  We use The Nine Note Recorder Method.

On the Saints’ Feast Days:

  • The Stories of Five Great Saints looks like it’s only used for St. Giles.  No substitutions.  I dunno who that is.

IMG 0830 - 2GRD: Out of Print Substitutions

  • St. Jerome and the Lion, however there is a story of Jerome and the Lion in Jauss from last year. See at beginning of this post and cover above.

IMG 0879 - 2GRD: Out of Print Substitutions

IMG 0880 - 2GRD: Out of Print Substitutions

  • St. Andrew Patron Saint of Scotland by Lois Rock.  I don’t know this guy at all.  No substitutions yet.

IMG 0839 - 2GRD: Out of Print Substitutions

  • The Lady of Guadalupe by De Paola is only on kindle, so we use Our Lady of Guadelupe; it’s really pretty.

IMG 0840 - 2GRD: Out of Print Substitutions

  • A Christmas Story by Wildsmith; there are a billion Christmas books. Just pick your favorite nativity story.
  • Mary the Mother of Jesus by De Paola.  You can get it on kindle, but I hate that.  No other substitutions yet.
  • Story of the Three Wise Kings by De Paola, but it’s been re-issued in a collection called Joy to the World.
  • Saint Patrick and the Peddler by Hodges.  We didn’t love this one anyway.  Our beloved Tomie De Paola one is still in print.
  • Joan of Arc:  The Lily Maid by Hodges.  The one by Demi is really pretty, I’m sure.  We like to have characters that we can really identify with, so I bet you a dollar Tompert is the winner for us.  Stanley is in print, but it’s too wordy for us. This one from Dover might be nice too.

On the Liturgical List:

  • Saintly Tales and Legends by Lois Rock.  Easy to get used.  I haven’t found anything comparable yet.
  • Little Rose of Sharon. This is sad.  It’s a really sweet story.
  • The Life of Jesus is just incorrect, Life of Our Lord for Children is in print.
  • Jesus by Wildsmith. This was scheduled for Easter, though.  Perhaps she meant Wildsmith’s The Easter Story, which is totally in print and has a talking donkey.  See ours here.

On the Fiction List:

There are plenty of in-print books on the fiction list.  Below are the only OP.  No substitutions needed.

  • Family Sabbatical
  • Famous Five Series by Blyton
  • Merlin and the Making of a King by Hodges
  • The Flight of the Doves

On the Easy Reader List:

The Renick books are the only ones OP.