WRTR Teaching Cards



I have talked many times before about how difficult WRTR can be.  Teacher’s who use it in schools attend training classes.  Spalding has them for parents too.

I find that a parent (me, three times over, for example) starts to drown in the early weeks of Rule Pages.  The scripts for those pages are in Chapter 1 of WRTR, but then it says “Provide more practice.”  Huh?  How?  Rules 1-7 don’t have NEAR ENOUGH examples when I genuinely need to TEACH or REVIEW the rule/concept, right?  And forget Rules 17-29.  They don’t even have a page.  (Rule pages 3-5 are very helpful and have lots of examples.  But most of us drown before we get there.)

So, how then to do the initial teaching, right?

How do we come up with all the example words that don’t criss-cross into later lessons? Even the rule pages criss-cross too much for my kids.  “Circle” in the /er/ lists?  So how do we review a concept (or learn it ourselves) without using the same two words on the Rule page?  And WHAT ABOUT 17-29???

Here you go!  The first set is teaching cards for the basics (vowel, consonant, syllables, 6 syllable division patterns), the first 8 spelling rules, rules 17-19, 25-29.  These are generally the things you need during the first 6 weeks. The second set is the rest of the rules.  So, when you see a word coming up that has something new, or something that needs review, you have a free  “pull and go” mini-lesson.

Review Weeks “Schedule”

 Step 2 Teaching Cards


I cut the Teaching Cards down to 4.5 x 5 and laminated them as you see above.  I would love some feedback, if anyone other than me uses these.