Wall Timeline Printable


Each child has a super-detailed book timeline, but on our wall we have what I like to call the “Ballpark timeline.” Every century has a saint, an American history event (or something that fueled the quest), a music period, and an artist.

The music people are pictured in the right century, but they don’t have names:
Ars Antiqua- Adam de la Halle
Ars Nova- Guillaume de Machaunt
Renaissance I- Josquin
Renaissance II- Byrd
Baroque- Bach
Classical – Mozart
Romantic – Tchaikovsky
Modern – Copeland

As we study folks, or listen to their music, I put a clothes pin on the right century, thusly:

IMG_0823If you are familiar with the book, Memorize the Faith, that is where I got the saints from.  The rest we added on our own.

Here you go! Click the pic, download, and print.

11th century

12th century

13th century

14th Century

15th century

16th century

17th century

18th century

19th century

20th century