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Notes for Newbies

KGRD Overview by Subject

KGRD Do-Aheads

KGRD Supply List 


Resources mentioned in the above pages:

KGRD Booklist

KGRD Supplementary Book List

KGRD Read aloud schedule

K Abeka Math Drill 

100EZ Decodable Readers Chart

KGRD Out of Print Substitutions


BlankBooks for KGRD (Or the huge overwhelming K-6 one.)

 Liturgical Music Link   KGRDLyrics

KGRD Math Must-Do*

 *(error: no “counting backwards” in K, just knowing the “before” number)

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1 Laura August 7, 2017

In the new kindergarten syllabus, art says to use the MODG book Art K, and the lessons reference this book. However, in the back of the book are all of the Child Sized Masterpieces lessons. My question is: do I do both? Or one or the other?


2 admin August 12, 2017

One or the other, not both. I, personally, MUCH prefer the book. The Child-Sized Masterpieces lessons are an older version of the syllabus. They’re fine, but with 5 kids, I like having a book rather than juggling all those cards.


3 Roslyn June 25, 2017

Are the abeka math drills and must know for the newest edition? Did they change? I know 1st uses concept cards 1-2 instead of drill set a.


4 admin June 26, 2017

They are for whatever workbook was available last year. It wouldn’t really matter though. I’ll get on doing 1st grade soon. I’m slow, but I have to do it for my own kid before August.


5 rebecca sanson April 9, 2017

I was wondering if you have the kindergartner poems in a practice handwriting format. You have done this with cursive poems for 4th and 5th. These have been wonderful to aid both memorization and cursive. If you don’t have this for kindergartner, could you tell me how to do it please? Thank you for your helpful website. God bless you and your family.


6 admin April 11, 2017

I don’t have those. If Startwrite will send me my key again, I can make them. We changed computers and that program was on the other one that died.



7 Chrislette Arkenberg March 14, 2017

Hi, I find your website very helpful so thank you. I do have a question, do I need to purchase the text child size masterpieces to know how to use the art paintings?


8 admin March 15, 2017

Nope. The syllabus tells you everything you need to know. Yay!


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