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7GRD Do-Aheads

Intro to 7GRD

7GRD supplies

Resources referenced in the above pages:

K-12 Subject Overview

Timeline 7GRD

History Reading Times, so far 7GRD

How to get cheap big art prints

Poetry 7GRD

Ancient History At a Glance

Wordly Wise Spalding markings key and Latin

Youtube music link 7GRD

Greece/Roman Outline Maps/Keys

Stem charts: 3 declensions 4 conjugations




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1 Anne June 14, 2017

Do you have a list of science supplies needed for grade 7 (Concepts and Challenges B)?


2 admin June 20, 2017

We never did the experiments. I didn’t even know there were there!


3 Anne June 21, 2017

Good, then I won’t have to feel guilty for skipping them! :-)


4 admin June 26, 2017



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