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5GRD Overview

5GRD Do-Aheads

5GRD Supply List

Resources referenced in the above pages:

K-12 Subject Overview

5GRD booklist

Read alone 5th hole-filler

History Reading Times 5GRD

“Homemade” 5GRD Geography (recommended in syllabus)

Outline maps for UGT

American History Events Date and Mountain Heights

Memory hooks for mountains, and rivers

WRTR “mini-lessons” pdf  (or the teaching cards version)

WRTR pacing guide and printable versions of the notebook

Printable phonogram cards

Blank books Blabber

Stem charts: 3 declensions 4 conjugations

Master Memory Book for poems, catechism

ILL COLOR images


5GRD youtube playlists for assigned baroque music.

5GRD Latin hymn and Prayer audio files.

5GRD Art Paper for McIntyre

BCII 5GRD Flashcards

Catechism Cheat Sheet for 5GRD

Catechism Progression 2GRD-6GRD


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