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4GRD Overview

4GRD Do-Aheads

4GRD-Supply-List PDF and excel

Resources referenced in the above pages:

K-12 Subject Overview

4GRD booklist

4GRD USA outline maps and keys

P&P activity maps

Catechism Progression 2GRD-6GRD

Read alone 4th hole-filler schedule

History Reading Times 4GRD

Science Experiment Supply Lists for UGW

American History Events Date and Mountain Heights

Memory hooks for mountains, and rivers

WRTR “mini-lessons” pdf  (or the teaching cards version)

WRTR pacing guide and printable versions of the notebook

Printable flash cards for BCI 1-15, BCI L16-25, BCI L26-37.

Printable phonogram cards

Blank books’ Table of Contents and Instructions

Master Memory Book for poems, catechism

Learning to Read Alone List

ILL COLOR images


Caswell Favorite Saints Retelling Resources

Handwriting based on poetry work

4GRD youtube playlists for baroque music.

4GRD Latin hymn and Prayer audio files.

4GRD Art Paper for McIntyre

Oral report notetaking FORM

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1 rebecca sanson July 28, 2016

Thank you so much. These are really helpful. Have a blessed school year.


2 rebecca sanson July 20, 2016

I am really enjoying your ideas and all the hard work you put into it. I wish I would have found you years ago ( : Wow its amazing. You have saved me so much time. I’m looking for a cheat sheet map for 4th grade that already has the important rivers and mts located. If you have one with the states and capitals that would be good too. I thought I saw something like that here, but now I can’t find it. Thanks

God Bless,


3 admin July 22, 2016
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