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3GRD Overview

3GRD Do-Aheads

3GRD Supply Lists

Resources referenced in the above pages:

3GRD booklist

History 3GRD Reading Times


Master Memory Book for poems, catechism

Reading Level and Read Aloud Times for HISTORY

Abeka 3 Fact Family Pacing Guide

PLL COLOR images 

Read alone 3rd Hole filler (when the history is too hard)

Science Experiment Supply Lists for Exploring God’s World

American History Events Date and Mountain Heights..more here

English from the Roots Up Picture Cards

Memory hooks for mountains, and rivers

Rhymes for the Dates

WRTR “mini-lessons” pdf  (or the teaching cards version)

WRTR pacing guide and printable versions of the notebook

Printable flash cards for BCI 1-15, BCI L16-25, BCI L26-37.

Printable phonogram cards

Blank books’ Table of Contents and Instructions

Music Masters Resources

Learning to Read Alone List

K-12 Subject Overview

Catechism Progression 2GRD-6GRD


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1 Liesa Gonzalez February 7, 2017

Why did you change the numbering on the BC1 flashcards? It’s a little confusing.:(


2 admin February 9, 2017

Okay, it’s been a while since I had a third grader. What did I change? I can’t remember.


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