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1GRD Overview

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1GRD Supply Lists

Resources mentioned in the above pages:

 1GRD Booklist

1GRD Read-Aloud-Schedule

Bennet Supplement 1GRD

Children’s Book of Saints contents by date

Blank books’ Blabber

1GRD Catechism

My Learning to Read Alone List

1GRD Out of Print Substitutions

K-2 Liturgical/Saint Calendar

100EZ Decodable Readers Chart

 100EZ of “what to do next.”

90/10 Pacing Guide or Abeka1MathMustDo

Abeka Drill 1GRD

K-1 poems

 Liturgical Music Link

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1 Elizabeth July 18, 2016

Do you have a supply list for first grade? I thought you did, but now I cannot find it. Thanks so much! And thanks for all you do!


2 admin July 18, 2016

I DON’T I haven’t taught 1GRD since the new online syllabi came out and I gave away my paper ones. I could get most based on the book list and memory. But I would be missing things, like if one day is watercolor mixing or something.


3 Tiffany Rider June 4, 2016

Aha! I found them! I can’t believe I never noticed the list of stories in the syllabi before. Thanks, that is helpful!


4 admin June 5, 2016



5 Tiffany Rider May 27, 2016

Could you help me understand the Bennet Supplement you share for 1st and 2nd? Are the stories on your lists specifically mentioned in the syllabi somewhere, or did you just choose which ones you felt were best for each grade? How did you choose the order to read them in? And why two columns for the 1st grade list?

Thank you! Your resources are immeasurably helpful!


6 admin May 29, 2016

Those are the stories assigned in the syllabus. That list is available at the bottom of the “optional literature” choices on the motherofdivinegrace.org booklist for each grade. The only “magical” thing about the order is that I made it to where if a tale was repeated K-2, it appeared on the same week each year, so if you have kids in several grades, you won’t find yourself rereading the same tale two weeks later. Snow White would be the same week every year. The two columns are there in 1GRD because there are so many more readings assigned in Bennett than for the others. Not enough for a full year of 2 per week, but way more than 1 per week. Tell me if that helps!


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