MoDG Latin


Primary Grades

In the early grades, the hymns are your Latin. Take the time now to learn to pronounce church Latin and it will serve you well in later years.


You have a few options here. MoDG recommends Beginning Latin I in 3GRD or 4GRD. It’s too abstract! My kids start it in 5GRD. We use English from the Roots Up in 3GRD and Prima Latina in 4GRD. Some folks stay with that program and use Latina Christiana I in 5GRD.


MoDG recommends Beginning Latin III or Fundamentals I in 6GRD. Since the child can’t developmentally manage the abstraction of BL I until 5GRD, we do BLII in 6GRD, BLIII in 7GRD,Fundamentals I in 8GRD, and Fundamentals II in 9GRD. Below you will find our tacky memory system. See the buttons in the previous section for more resources.

High School

Nothing to see here folks.

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