History Reading Times 3GRD-6GRD


I rebooted the old guides I made that timed out the literature for history so you could plan better how long it might take you to get through it.  Each book that I could get the word count for has the number of “days” scheduled in the syllabus so that you know how long it would take if it was only read on the days scheduled.

3GRD History

4GRD History

5GRD History

6GRD History

I get questions sometimes on what sites I use to do this:  arbookfind.com has many of them.  The rest I hunt down on Amazon.  It’s more complicated. I insert a piece into the usual book link.  See the first below followed by the addition.  If a book has it’s reading data on Amazon, I get a chart when I scroll down, like the second link shows.