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As I’ve said in my About Page, I am passionate about the realities of child development. I’ll explain this stage here once I get my junk in a pile.

But the short version is this: Little kids are CONCRETE thinkers. They can’t do abstraction, at all. They can’t think about their thinking. They can’t tell you WHY something is the right answer unless there’s a concrete, SENSORY reason.


Pre-K is unofficial here these days. It’s loosely Montessori. I have a closet full of materials. I’ll post more about it later. For now, here’s the main page.


I don’t stratify this by grade, ever. I would go crazy. I have a 3-yr rotation. This is where you find all the Religion, Geography, History, Literature, Tales, Poetry, etc. I’ll post it soon.

Also, this is “narration” central. If you’re a MoDG mom, they call it “retelling.” I’ll post the method that works for us soon.


We do one Abeka Arithmetic Lesson a day with a smattering of the manual material. Over the years, I’ve distilled it into a cheat sheet. Abeka is ADVANCED. Skipping the drill in the early years means *tears* in 3GRD. MoDG syllabi use Abeka too, but it’s just the lesson #’s.


In the early grades, we recite poems, some light catechism, personal information (birthday, etc.) We use the MoDG poetry, hymn, and catechism syllabi.

Read & Spelling

I always say that we “fool around” for about 6 months in KGRD. Others might say we’re doing Ruth Beechick’s Easy Start in Reading.  Then we begin the Little Angel Readers program, not just the readers. We follow the internal structure of the program. I’ve used many programs, but this is the most user-friendly.

Art & Music

We use the MoDG syllabi for picture study, music, and handwork. I do supplement here and there. I’ll post those soon.

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