Lives of the Saints TOC by Date


It’s hard to figure out what saint to use if the book is organized by name or something other than the date on the calendar.  So here are two table of contents according to date. Illustrated Saints contents by date Children’s Book of Saints contents by date Picture Book of Saints by date

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A Peek Inside: Child’s Bible History–Knecht


I love this little book. It’s got super short stories. It’s not kiddie language.  Sometimes it’s not even grown-up language.  It’s OLD language.  The story about about Joseph and the Pharaoh’s dream said “kine” instead of “cow.”  Wow.  Makes me remember all that King James verse memorization I did as a child.  He reads it […]

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A Peek Inside “New Catholic Picture Bible”

Peek Inside, a Catholic Charlotte Mason curriculum, recommended this book for first and second grade.  I LOVE it.  Since we don’t have “BIBLE” class in Mother of Divine Grace for those grades, this is part of my read-aloud schedule for them.   We do 1-2 stories a week for the Old Testament (1st grade) and 2-3 […]

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