Memoria Press Latin

4GRD-5GRD Latin Prayers and Hymns on your Devices


  There are a few “sing-along” hymns in 3GRD-4GRD Latin.  I have them on a youtube list here, including a sung version of the Pater Noster that we like. Here you can find the Pater Noster and Gloria Patri spoken slowly or quickly in Latin.  YES!  However, his Table Blessing is SO FAST, we can’t […]

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A Peek Inside: Latina Christiana I


  Latina Christiana is our fifth grade program.  I find the CD’s and teacher’s manual indispensible.  My son does most of the work on his own, but I check it daily.   Each weekly lesson is only one page spread, but for us, that’s plenty.  The work is less memory and more translating.  The child […]

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A Peek Inside: Prima Latina


Prima Latina is our 4th grade Latin program.  It’s a step up from the Latin root memorization from last year, but it’s still basically memorization.  My auditory son did fantastic using the CD’s every day, but my daughter prefers to do it all in writing.  She listens to the lesson on Monday and does the workbook […]

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