Beginning Latin I & II: Teacher’s Helpers

cheat sheet

Beginning Latin 1 Helper pdf

BeginningLatin II Helper pdf

BLII Cheat Sheet & BLI pdf  and EXCEL

This post has two printables: Teacher’s Helper and Cheat Sheet. Above you see a sample of the cheat sheet for BLII. I can’t spell stereotype, apparently. Rather than correct it, I gave you the excel version too. Another note, as you progress in Fundamentals I, that section gets more words. Even though their endings are otherwise, “mother”  and “Mary” are female. “Leader” and “soldier” are male. We use that section to reduce the memory load.

Below is the first section of the teacher’s helper.  I list which weeks have new vocab AND which days have new teaching. If you need to review how something is done, this is the sheet that will give you Lesson # and Day for the original explanation.

Screenshot 2017-03-05 at 6.33.23 PM

My favorite part, though, is the TEST PREP. I went through and found the exercises that mimic what the child will see on the quiz. As the year winds on, sometimes we get lost in the material and those tests come out of left field. And if they screw up on a test, now you know what exercises to drill. 

The second section is a quick vocabulary list. I note in the first section which weeks add new words.  It’s worth nothing that with the exception of the word “non”, no new vocabulary words appear on the test the same week they’re introduced. They all delay one week before quizzing.

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After the vocabulary, I made a drill chart.  This is the material that needs to be memorized or reviewed. However, this format doesn’t work for me. My people take a LONG time.

Screenshot 2017-03-05 at 6.33.57 PM

So, I made a weekly drill sheet like the one I have for Abeka K. See below.

All NEW skills are in normal font.  Skills 2 weeks old or more are in small font. Every week is 100% cumulative. That means if you’re on Week 10 already, just IGNORE the weeks of drill before that. Start where you are in the syllabus and check the small font items to see if your kid has any holes.  Then keep moving forward!

Screenshot 2017-03-05 at 6.34.35 PM

How I use it

  1. Read the whole document, noting where skills appear, change, or move to small font.
  2. Do your assignment for the day from the syllabus.
  3. Look over the skills list for the week.
  4. Review a few things you think need practice.
  5. Check them off.