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Hello!  I’m Deanna Caswell. The quick facts you need are that we are a Classical Catholic homeschooling family of seven, enrolled in Mother of Divine Grace for seven years.  (MoDG moms, go straight HERE for your stuff) I’m a convert since 2002 from the Church of Christ.  I’m a Lay Carmelite with the Memphis Lay Carmelite Community.  I have an ancient degree in Chemistry, MA Counseling (never practiced, yo), and am the author of 11 books (5 of which won’t show up on Amazon until later this year.) I write controlled-text content for the dyslexia company, Lexercise.

There is a smattering of all kinds of homeschool stuff on this site and as a “scientist” type personality, I am constantly analyzing and streamlining my resources.  Please let me know if you need anything.


P.S. This site is not endorsed specifically by MoDG, but when I mention them, I will try my best to keep it in line with their aims, resources, and principles as I understand them.  No promises that I’ve mastered the whole philosophy, but I’ll try really, really hard.  On a regular basis, I have to go back into the archives and delete something dumb I said, before I understood things better.  I’ll try to remember to post updates about that too.


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1 Sherrylynne Harrington August 8, 2017

Thank you for your work and your website and your passion. You bless me and my family. I wish I would have found this place earlier as I am on my last homeschool student now in grade 7. You’ve been part of my “getting ready” for the new school year for the past 3 years. Thank you!!


2 admin August 12, 2017

I’m so glad it helped!!!!


3 Elizabeth July 31, 2017

I am getting ready to start MODG kindergarten next month. The program looks great to me, but after a recent talk with my mom, I am now second guessing the catechism program. MODG has kids memorize all of the Baltimores 1 and 2, which sounded great to me as I think they’ll know their Faith well and always remember it with this much memorization. However, my mom really objected to this idea. She thinks memorization of so many questions and answers will be tedious and will teach them to hate catechism and find their Faith boring. She encouraged me to leave “doctrine” in the background and focus more on topics like the life of Our Lord and apparitions of Our Lady that show God’s love for us. I would really appreciate some feedback regarding the memorization approach and how it is working out in real life! Thanks!


4 admin August 4, 2017

It’s five minutes a day. If you can kill love of the faith by being boring five minutes a day, that’s a whole ‘nother problem. We have found it really useful in later years. The catechism answers show up in lots of advanced texts. You’re front-loading the material while really exercising those memory muscles. It’s HARD to memorize. Just stay cheery and encouraging. And remember, the bulk of the child’s faith formation in K-3 IS NOT catechism drill. It’s the saints stories and picture books and every time you see “read some books from the book lists.”


5 Elizabeth August 5, 2017

Okay, so keep the catechism study time short and spent lots of time with the books! Sounds like a plan! Thank you!


6 Jacqueline September 7, 2016

Thank you for all your hard work and sharing this with all of us! What a BLESSING! Thank you!


7 admin September 7, 2016

You are welcome! Let me know if you find errors or need anything!


8 Jane September 1, 2016

Thank you!!!!


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