Pioneers and Patriots Cut & Paste!!! Timeline


Doing the 4GRD-5GRD timeline is one of those suggestions that doesn’t happen in our house.  If it ain’t in the lesson plans, it ain’t a-gonna happen.  And when I do get around to it, it’s a MONUMENTAL task.  So, I have made a cut-and-paste version (or  a exactly what-to-write-where version) for you, using the 92-page hardback blank books you can get from Emmanuel Books or

Anyway, here are the instructions for the first CHUNK of the timeline.  Like the handwriting sheets, these will develop as my daughter gets through the chapters.  What you see above is the color-coded version (by country) that my daughter has done.  Knowing her this is just the beginning of the embellishment.

Instructions for setting up your book.

  • Write or paste the Table of Contents on the first blank page (not the first spread) and add NO PAGE NUMBER at the bottom


  • Starting the first spread with 1-2, number your pages (in pencil at first, if you’re like me.  I always skip SOMEWHERE)
  • You should end up with 90 being the last number on the right hand side of the last spread with nothing on the final back page.

We like the timeline lines in the middle of the page so that we can paste figures above and notes below. To do that, here are the instructions for drawing your lines:

  • Measure the vertical center of your book.  If it’s like mine, it’s the ninth staple in the middle.  Now you never need do that again!
  • Close the book and open only the cover.  Measure the outer edge center, AND DRAW DOWN ALL THE PAGES.  Now every page has a dot on the outside.


  • Anytime a page is needed, use a straight edge and connect the middle (ninth staple) with the outside dot.  Done!
  • To make the tick marks, we use the line guide provided with the book.  If we center the first line of the guide at ninth staple, we count the middle as 50 and go skip-skip-60, skip-skip-70, etc.



P&P Timeline (and CFCA too)

To start your P&P timeline, print out the documents below:

  1. Put lines on the needed pages
  2. cut out the figures
  3. paste on above the line
  4. paste or write sentences on the bottom half of the page.

*Note:  If the date BOLDED on placement sheet,  it’s the first time you’ve used that page and you likely need to draw in the line.  3rd Grade dates are also bolded, if you wanted to put those in first.

Table-of-Contents again

New, Sane Timeline and the Images 2 , Images 1


OLD Insane P&P Timeline Dates and Placement

P&P Figures Sheet 1          P&P sheet 2            P&P sheet 3


Most pages are sparse, but as you can see below, the 16th century gets pretty TIGHT.

Schuster Bible History Timeline

To do your Bible history, print out the sheets below.  Following the instructions on the DATE pdf, put lines on the needed pages, cut out the figures, paste on above the line,  and if you want to follow MODG recommendations, give each guy the corresponding number on the date sheet.  Paste or write the numbered sentences on the bottom half of the page.  Color and decorate.  *Same note as above, anytime a date is BOLDED on the placement sheet, it’s the first time you’ve used that page and you probably need to help the child draw in the line.

Schuster Timeline Figures

Schuster Timeline Placement