Ancient History at a Glance

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BC timeline

Most ancient history timelines online are TOO complicated for me.  I just want to know what’s happening in Egypt while Greece is doing such-and-such. So I built one.    I put it below my beloved clothes pin timeline of centuries (empty and ready for a new year of clothes pins!) so you can see the size better. It’s two standard pages wide. There are SEVERAL versions in this post depending on what you want.  I have yet to decide what I want! Also, know that I ROUND.  This is not an exact timeline.  I constructed it mostly from watching the below awesome video. (and this one helped too.)

History overview excel

History overview blank pdf

History overview color pdf

As a png left

As a png right

As a png with names left
with names

As a png with names right



Names 2

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1 Ann May 28, 2017

Now that was super helpful! What you have done here on this website is amazing and very helpful, even to veterans!


2 admin June 7, 2017

Glad to help!


3 Beth September 16, 2016



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