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Finding a list of books that fits your value system is difficult.  Then, you have to worry about reading level.  The following lists are compiled from lots of folks “good stuff” lists and organized by author and then by reading level.  Some lists are first organized by author, so scroll down and the list will repeat, sorted by difficulty.

And in each list, the ATOS reading level is that wacky number in the third column.

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1 Mary August 16, 2016

thanks for all of your help and answered questions! :)

I have the same question as Molly, I went to the arbookfind website and wasn’t sure what I’m supposed to be looking for – (answer to the 3rd column question as well). Sorry. My oldest child is in first grade and can read like a 5th grader… and since I’m new to all of this stuff, your website is helping greatly… just need a little help translating. THANK YOU!


2 Mary August 16, 2016

is it the ATOS number you listed in the third column?


3 admin August 16, 2016

Yes, it is.


4 admin August 16, 2016

If you look at my chart and scroll down to everything starting with a 5.0, you’re at the fifth grade level. Is that what you mean? There’s no need to go the Accelerated Reader site. You just have to get to that page of my doc. For example, the Middle Grade list is 10 pages. The first 5 are by author. PAge six starts the list over by ATOS level.


5 admin August 4, 2016

Accelerated Reader Level. I used this site:

Let me know if that helps!


6 Molly July 29, 2016

Thank you! This is a tremendous resource. Because I am still learning the Caswell hacks – could you please remind me of the title for the 3rd column (the numbers)?


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