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IMG_0730 - EditedIn MoDG, 5GRD is supposed to be a “homemade” geography course, ideally.  But most moms don’t do it.  I decided to try it out this year. But unlike the instructions say, I scanned, not photocopied and the images are square, not circles. However, I did a pretty good job getting them to match, right?

IMG_0731 - Edited

I purchased this year’s Collins Atlas on Amazon for $10.  It has 51 pages of maps.  I clipped one wallet sized image from each page.  I used a random number generator to make the numbers at the bottom corners of each picture.  That way, you can hand them out in any order and check the key without giving away anything about the location.

IMG_0729 - Edited
If you haven’t already purchased the Ultimate Geography and Timeline book, and you have a color printer, this is an economical option.  And assuming I did it right, it’s actually the “preferred” 5GRD choice.   Here’s your PDF:

COLLINS ATLAS Search images

Collins Atlas Search KEY


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1 Annie September 1, 2016

Thank you so much for this! My husband and I are so overwhelmed this year (baby #5 due mid-year), and this website is so great at bringing a little sanity to our planning. I love this website and recommend it to every MODG mama I meet. God bless you!


2 admin September 5, 2016

I am so glad it’s helping. My baby #5 was a tough one!


3 Beverley August 30, 2016

My usually unimpressed son is really enjoying this. I’ve tried to tackle this particular MODG problem several ways, but this is, by far, the best. Thank you so much for sharing all this hard work! I had a little trouble finding this this exact atlas (meaning I couldn’t get it on Amazon Prime.) “The Horror.” But, it was worth the wait to get it from one of the other sellers. I’m feeling inadequately prepared to teach him how to write down the longitude and latitude. The ENTIRE 5 mins. that I’ve spend trying to figure out the best way to do this, has left me confused, with too much information. Do you have any advice for a simple method to note longitude and latitude? Am I overthinking this?


4 admin August 30, 2016

We use the last format on this page:
We just eyeball it. “Looks like about 20 degrees N and maybe 32 degrees W”


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