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If you follow the MoDG syllabi, this is the HASSLE of 5GRD.  Each of these maps (not Australia or Antarctica) print out as a poster of four tiles. I like to have the country divisions and the rivers, but Europe and Australia didn’t have that option. So if we need rivers, we’ll print the matching ones “water” and put it up on the window to trace.  Enjoy!

North America

South America


Australia states water



Europe states  water

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1 mom4kids October 1, 2016

What a great website! I am new to MODG and I have a 5th grader. We never done with Geography yet and it’s getting overwhelming to me(I know it’s normal)plus we don’t have the book yet. Reading your website made me calm :))) will you continue posting?

God bless your work.


2 Tiffany Rider June 5, 2016

This is great! I taught MODG 5th grade at a co-op for two years, and would have LOVED to have these then.
I will be so happy to have this resource when my own kids reach 5th grade.


3 admin June 7, 2016

Hurray! Let me know if you think of anything else that would have helped!


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