MBTI Curriculum Personalities: Part 2

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There are four mental processes groupings.  2 are for info gathering (Ni/Se, Ne/Si) and 2 are for decisions (Ti/Fe, Te/Fi). Everyone has all four pairs, but only two pairs are at all useful to you. And only one from each of your two pairs is a “front seat” driver. This is my favorite model.:

  • You have an info-gatherer and a decision maker in the front seat.
  • You have one info-gatherer and decision maker in the back seat, but they’re immature.
  • The members of the other two pairs are like FOREIGN LANGUAGES to you.

So, if the instructions to the teacher don’t speak to your “front seat” processes, you’re already in trouble, especially when “life” happens and you have to adapt. Heaven forbid if the curriculum is speaking to processes that aren’t even in your car!

Let’s start with your F

When you engage values and how you feel about things, are you more inclined to go with your internal barometer of values, even if other’s don’t get it?  Or are you more apt to see out consensus in the group, take everyone’s emotional temperature, and feel uncomfortable if harmony can’t be achieved? At a restaurant, are you the one worried that everyone’s meal turns out how they want it, or did you even notice? everyone can’t agree?  If presented with a situation, do you believe most people will make a similar choice or do you think everyone has a unique values system?  If you are an internal value system person, you’re Te/Fi.  If you are a harmony person can trump your gut, then you’re a Ti/Fe person.

Let’s verify it with your T

When you engage facts and logic, is it inside your head or do you have charts, spreadsheets, and graphs in front of you?  Are you a “lemme check what you’re saying with the facts in this book” person, or are you a “lemme check what you’re saying with what’s already in my head.” If charts and spreadsheets are your friend, you’re Te/Fi.  If it’s all contained in your noodle and that’s the filter that matters, you’re Ti/Fe.

Now, who is in the front seat?

So, are you a values person primarily, or a facts and principles person?  Are you more inclined to like someone shady because they seemed like “good people” or to disregard a good person because they “don’t make sense.”

My husband is Te/Fi, like me, but his front seat driver is Fi.  He decides what is a “good thing to do” by consulting his internal value barometer.  I’m the reverse.  My value barometer is immature.  It’s there, but without charts and graphs and books, I’m petulant.

Facts and principles people are T-dominant types.  They care about feelings and values, but they’re not awesome with them.

Harmony and values people are F-dominant types. They are fine with impersonal facts, but they’re not awesome making decisions from them.

How does this affect curriculum?

If you’re Te/Fi and Te is in the front seat, you want a teacher’s guide that gives you charts and graphs and ways to measure your effectiveness. If Fi is in the front seat, charts are cool, but you do better with guides that jive with your value system and help you teach from your conscience. Te in front is cool with his internal value system being supported, but without indexes and spreadsheets and ways to measure effectiveness, he’s a bit of a bat with his ears covered.

If you’re Ti/Fe and Ti is up front, you want a teacher’s guide that is accurate and jives with your internal logic system. Like the Fi above, if the guide offends that internal schema of yours, it’s going to be murder to implement. If Fe is up front, it’s cool that a guide jives with what you know to be accurate, but you are most interested in eliciting cooperation. You need exercises and techniques that get kids excited and interested on their own.  Too much “do this now” and parent-child strife is a bad plan! Ti likes to have cooperation, but without a guide he feels is accurate, that cooperation and harmony aren’t of much use to him.

So, disaster time.  What if you’re Te/Fi and the teacher’s manual is filled with “let’s get everyone excited about learning” activities and is always making its case about how right it is?  At best, it’s mildly irritating to you. At worst you set it on fire in the backyard.  What if you’re Ti/Fe and the teacher’s manual is a sea of pacing charts and benchmarks?  Or what if it’s all about “doing what’s best for the child” even when he hates every second of it? Yep, get ready for a book burning.

You do the hokey-pokey and….

Next post, we will put it all together and come up with a game plan for evaluating and adapting curriculum to use both of your front seat processes.  Once you have your top two in hand, your curriculum loves/hates will make so much more sense!


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